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If your question is not in our FAQ please email us at

or DM us on Instagram here.

Choose your category below.

  • I received your invitation, how did you find me?
    We have different ways to find artists, the most common ones are: 1. Via Instagram, we watch your page, your stills, and definitely your trailer! If you don't have a trailer you've most likely been referred by a festival you submitted for. 2. We know other festival managers that suggest your work, because you probably won with them and they want us to watch your project as well, so they gave us your contact. 3. A friend, actor, or coworker of yours sent us your Instagram page/e-mail, but they are not the ones managing your FilmFreeway page, so they asked us to contact you.
  • Are there any specific requirements to submit?
    ❌WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Adult content. ✅WE ACCEPT Any genre and categories, such as: Short films Documentaries Web Series Music Videos Animation Fan Films Podcasts Songwriters Trailers Scripts Hair and Makeup Original Scores And of course we award directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, composers, LGBTQ+ community, Black Lives Matter, Social issues and more.. If you want to suggest a new category, you definitely can by emailing us at or by DMs on our Instagram page: We accept any year of production. Submit your work here:
  • Where do I submit?
    On our Film Freeway Page:
  • Is there a difference if you are an Early Bird submitter?
    Yes, you will definitely pay less! Submit your work here:
  • I want to submit more than one project can I get a discount?
    Yes, DM us on Instagram (@morganafilmfestival) or send us an email.
  • I'm an actor/cinematographer/producer...but I don't have access to the project's Film Freeway, how can I submit?
    Ask your director/producer or whoever administrates the Film Freeway page of your project to contact us or to submit to our Film Freeway page:
  • My project is old, can I submit it anyway?
    Yes, we don't mind older projects.
  • My project is not public, can I submit anyway?
    Of course, just send it to us and we will take care of it.
  • My short is not ready yet, but I have a script or a trailer, can I submit it?
    Yes you can, we have a BEST SCRIPT category both for shorts and feature films and a category for BEST TRAILER. Check our categories:
  • I submitted my work last season, now I have a new project, can I submit?
    Yes, you can! We love when you keep us posted with your new projects!
  • I submitted my work, but I wasn't selected, can I submit it again?
    Yes, you can submit it again to the following season.
  • I want to submit more than one project can I get a discount?
    Yes, DM us on Instagram (@morganafilmfestival) or send us an email.
  • I was selected what's next?
    1. You can send us your trailer at through and we will share your trailer on our website in our trailer section here: 2. You will receive a discount for an interview. 3. If you want to check if you won, we will send you a notification through Film Freeway. But you can check our website by clicking here: Or check our Instagram: Or our Facebook: 4. It will take a few weeks to know if you won, depending on the deadline you submitted in, if you are an Early Bird, you might have to wait a little bit, but you'll pay less. Don't worry, we won't forget about you! 5. Share the news with your friends, coworkers, and family, and tag us! 6. Check our other links:
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes MORGANACODE50 and it will stay forever! We also have other discounts, email us at DM us on Instagram
  • Can I email you my film?
    Please do not email us your films. We cannot consider any project that has not been officially submitted through Film Freeway. The only way to be part of the festival is through Film Freeway.
  • Do you offer students or Gold discounts?
    Yes! Check our Film Freeway:
  • Can I get a free waver code?
    This question requires 2 answers: 1. We do, but we offer them to filmmakers from countries in which international sanctions prevent them from paying a fee. THERE'S NO SHAME IN ASKING FOR A FURTHER DISCOUNT, AND WE CAN SEE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU! 2. Why don't we offer free waiver codes to everyone? Because other submitters paid for their submissions and it would be unfair to let you submit for free. Also, we have social media managers, judges, and graphic and website designers who work for us and need their contribution payment. We also want you to get your trophy; they require shipment expenses and to be designed and crafted. We want you to have the best experience and we can't give it to you for free. SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE: If these terms apply to you, and you can prove that, please email us at or DM us on our Instagram page
  • I won! How do I order my award?
    On our shop: We will send you your award as soon as it's ready by updating you with shipments and delivery. Show us you holding the awards and we will share your photo on our social medias (Instagram and Facebook). Tag us @morganafilmfestival on Instagram.
  • How long does it take to receive my physical award?
    2/3 weeks.
  • Why is it not free?
    We pay artisans to create personalized awards, and we have shipment costs to face to ship your awards all over the world. We are an online festival for now and we can't give the award directly to you face-to-face as we would love to. One day we will be able to meet you in person and give you the award for free.
  • Where can I stay up to date with the festival's process?
    You will receive an email through our Film Freeway page, but definitely Instagram ,we are very active! Instagram:
  • Is the festival pricey?
    No, and if you have our discount MORGANACODE50 is going to be even more affordable. Our prices are not crazy, as we know that to promote your work you submit to different festivals and the expenses for you are also high. But if you send us a friend you can have another discount from us! We have filmmakers in our jury and we know what it means. Submit your work and don't forget to apply our code MORGANACODE50!
  • Are you a physical festival?
    Not yet, but we plan to be soon! Our awards however are physical and our recognition is valid and on IMDb! Check our links:
  • Are you on IMDb?
    Yes! Once you get your results you can update them on IMDB HERE
  • When is the festival due?
    You can check the dates on our Film Freeway Website as we have different seasons, it changes each time. Check our deadlines here:
  • I want an interview or an interview, how does it work?
    Submit your interview and review request here: INTERVIEW: We will send you a form with our questions and you will fill it with your answers. Our questions are very personalized and are prepared by people who ACTUALLY watched your work and have very interesting questions to ask. Our questions are not boring and are designed for you to make your work, and you as an artist, appealing to our readers. We will ask you for your bio, your headshot, pictures from your set, behind the scenes, and more to add to your interview, and we will ask for a trailer and your social media, so you'll be easily found by people that want to follow updates about you and your projects. We are designed to help filmmakers and artists be and feel seen. We want to create a networking community. Our website is the first result if you Google us and it's definitely helpful for your visibility. Our submitters from previous seasons all follow each other and so nice to see. We hope to interview you soon! We can't wait to know you better and to introduce you to our community!! Check our previous interviews: REVIEWS: We will share a review of your work on our social media platforms and we will tag you, you can share the review anywhere you like.
  • I am experiencing cyberbullying and harassment.
    Don't answer to any provocation Screenshot every comment or DM you receive and send it to us with the link to their profile. Report and block. Our community guidelines are. very strict and we want you to enjoy your experience with us. We don't condone bullying and harasment.
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