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A chat with Abraham Lopez about his numerous award winning projects and his future works.

Welcome Abraham, we watched your project and we are so pleased to have you, tell us more about yourself.

Thank you! I'm Abraham Lopez, I'm a writer, director, cinematographer, and producer. I'm from the San Fernando valley which is within the greater Los Angeles area. I have a degree in bussiness and a degree in fine arts for producing. I own a production company named A Greek God Entertainment LLC. I have written, directed and produced many award winning proof of concepts which I have enterted into this lovely festival!

Thank you so much Abraham!

We are truly honored to have you!

When did you discover this was your career path?

I discoverd that this was my career path when I was actually in high school. I really admired my godmother who"s a producer and I really wanted to be in the bussines.

You mainly produce horror or mystery shorts, what made you fall in love with these genres?

I do love making horror and mystery shorts but I also loving making coming of age dramas and dramas in general. What made me fall in love with all these genres is that I enjoy putting some of my life expriences into my scripts. Then seeing them come to life!

We saw some of your talented cast members being in more than one project, how's your casting process?

I usally cast a lot of my talent that I have under my management deptartment because I know that they can play the roles I have written and it's always a pleasure working with cast that you know personally as well which makes the filming process a lot more fun.

You have a great sense of suspense, but also a great sense of soundtrack, how do you find the right atmosphere for your projects?

I go based off the story and the characters emotions throughout each scene and I imagine how they would be feeling in that moment in time and then base my soundtrack off of that.

How was it for you to direct these projects? We saw that you work very fast and produce these shorts very quickly, you must have found your pace, which is a great sign of great organization.

It was a blast directing these projects and bringing them to life! I did find my pace and have the right team to get the job done in a quick but extremely proficient manner!

The end of your project Under, surprised us, what made you think of such an unpredictable ending?

I'm glad you liked the ending! What made me think of ending the film this way is that I thought of how every movie always has the good guy solving the case but I wanted to switch it up and make the good guy the bad guy which leaves the story open for a possible second part to it.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for producing these projects was definitely finding the right locations and time of day to shoot it.

You direct and write, which role do you prefer and why?

This is a difficult question because it's hard to choose between the two but if I had to choose I would pick writing because I like to come up with characters and make a story and build a whole new world.

Are there filmmakers that inspire you? And why?

Yes there are definitely filmmakers who inspire me! One filmmaker who inspires me is Quentin Tarantino and also George Lucas because they go against the norm and they tell stories without having restrictions or politics involved which to me is true storytelling.

Your cinematography approach is also very well thought out. What's the process behind it?

I go through the script and imagine how the audience would want to see it. I use multi-cam so that I can show the audience through different angles and different ways that they would see it if they were there almost as if the camera is them.

A fun fact about any of your shorts.

A fun fact about my shorts is that I put easter eggs of previous shorts in all of my shorts.

We noticed that ED: A Love Story is a different approach to filmmaking compared to your other projects. What inspired this short?

What inspired me to write ED: A Love Story is that I felt the need to make something different and something that a lot of people can relate to from growing up in high school. So I created ED: A Love Story based off of some events from my own high school experience.

You also often talk about social issues such as domestic violence, police brutality, tell us more about it.

I have a strong stance against domestic violence and police brutality due to the fact that I have seen these things first hand within my own family and I have seen the damage and toll that it takes upon a person which can change their lives and their future drastically. I like to put a spotlight on these issues to bring awareness to situations that still have not been dealt with and are still an issue in todays society.

You are the founder of A Greek God Entertainment, tell us more about it and why did you choose this name?

A Greek God Entertainment is my production company that I created after graduating college with a few of my friends. We wanted to produce short skits on YouTube but due to creative differences and changes, today the company focuses on motion pictures and proof of concepts.

You work and live in California, what's your opinion on the filmmaking industry and what would you change about it?

It is getting very political and creativity is being lost. I would definitely change involving politics with film and let people explore their creativity with film and tell stories without restrictions based on politics.

What's your take on the strike happening now?

My take is that I believe that all sides should come to an agreement that is feasible for both to obtain.

What's the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is being able to do what I love doing and having fun in the process. The best part is creating the story and the world which I am going to share with the audience.

What's your dream project?

My dream project is to write/direct a Star Wars film.

Your shorts won different awards with us, and earned nominations, we truly enjoyed this work, how is it going with festivals so far?

It’s going pretty well. I have won many awards from film festivals for my proof of concepts and have accumulated over 500 awards so far. What do you regret? I regret hiring certain people and putting a lot of time and effort into them just for them to give up and/or backstab me. I wish I would have known sooner that this would happen with certain people so that I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy on them.

Who would you suggest your shorts to, and why?

I would suggest my shorts to an audience that likes movies with deep meanings and strong character development and storytelling because a lot of my work has very deep meanings to it.

We heard that you are producing a new series Calle Pathways, what should we expect?

Pathways is a 10 episode coming of age series about a group of high schoolers who experience various dramas related to relationships, friendships, and family problems among many other things. You can expect lots of twists and turns and juice dramas in this series and also many relatable characters.

What would you say to someone that wants to start this path as you did?

I would tell them that this industry is tough. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of dedication and determination to move up. I would also tell them to never come into this industry thinking that you're going to be an instant success and make millions of dollars because that's just not realistic. You've got to love what you do in order to survive in this industry.

What's next for you?

I have an upcoming project called Finding Dan that is currently in production and will hopefully be released in a month or two.

Thank you fo your time Abraham! We wish you the very best! Thank you so much for the interview, it has been an honor to have my films in this festival and I am looking forward to submitting more in the near future!


Under- Trailer

ED: A Love Story- Trailer

Hidden Lives - Trailer

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